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What is a Living Trust?
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What is a Living Trust?

A living trust is like a will, only better. The most common type of trust is known as a living, revocable trust. A revocable trust is a living legal entity with assets, managed by a trustee for the benefit of beneficiaries....

What's the difference between Trust vs Will?
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What happens to my trust when I die?

If you pass away, your successor trustee(s) named in your Modern Trust document must provide Modern Trust with a certified original death certificate for verification. After the death certificate is authenticated...


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Trust vs. Will

TRUST - Advantages

  • Trusts are private
  • Trusts avoid probate court
  • Trusts are effective even if you're incapacitated
  • Trusts save time & money
  • Trusts can be maintained securely online
  • Never lose your


  • You can access & change your



WILL - Disadvantages

  • Wills are public
  • Wills go through probate
  • Wills are not effective when you're incapacitated
  • Wills are time-consuming & expensive
  • Wills are old fashioned paper documents
  • Wills are often lost or stolen
  • Wills can be difficult & expensive to change

Change your Modern Trust online anytime!

Life changes. Finances change. Even families and priorities change. Keep your trust up to date.


List your assets so your successor trustee can manage your trust when you're gone.

Bank Accounts

List the names of the banks where you have bank accounts, including checking and savings.

Stocks & Bonds

List the brokerages or financial institutions where you have stocks or investment accounts.

Business Interests

Own a business? Way to be a boss! Include them in your trust.

Real Estate

List any real estate you own, or have an interest in, including houses, condominiums, land or commercial property.


Your life has major value. Describe any life insurance policies you own.


List the institutions where you have retirement accounts, including IRA's, 401k's or annuities.

Personal Property

Describe any special or valuable personal items or collections you have, and who’s special enough to receive them. Include things like your dog, your cat, your car or your wedding ring. What do you have that's special?


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